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Botox & Dysport

The Best Scottsdale Botox & Dysport

Botox Cosmetic and Dysport are the most effective solutions for treating, and preventing, fine facial lines and wrinkles. While Botox and Dysport are commonly used to treat crow’s feet around the eyes, forehead wrinkles, and fine lines between eyebrows, they can also be used to treat neckbands, chin dimples, excessive sweating, and even migraines! Most patients see results within a few days, and procedures take 15-30 minutes, so you can quickly get back to your day with a refreshed look.

Proven safe and effective through clinical testing, Botox and Dysport are renowned for their remarkable results. Our boutique Injection studio in Paradise Valley offers the best Scottsdale Botox and Dysport, with an exclusive one-on-one environment to help you achieve your dream look.

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Forehead Lines

$11/unit (12- 40 units)

Botox and Dysport work wonders in reducing or even eliminating forehead wrinkles for a youthful glow. For the best results, we recommend treating forehead wrinkles and the “11’s” eyebrow wrinkles together for a youthful look you’ll love.

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‘11’ Eyebrow / Scowl Lines

$11/unit (15-30 units)

Easily treat these eyebrow wrinkles for a younger and refreshed look! Botox for wrinkles between eyebrows is a fast treatment that smooths and removes “11’s” lines that appear between eyebrows.

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Bunny Lines

$11/unit (6-12 units)

Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, nicknamed “bunny lines,” can easily be removed and reduced for a smoother, younger look. Our Scottsdale Botox or Dysport is best used to treat and prevent bunny lines to help you achieve a refreshed look.

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Brow Lift

$11/unit (4-10 units)

Using Botox or Dysport can help lift the eyebrows, making you look more vibrant and alert.. Let us accentuate those gorgeous eyes you have with a brow lift!

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Crow’s Feet

$11/unit (12-30units)

Crow’s feet are fine lines on the outer corners of the eyes. With the restorative power of Botox or Dysport, bring back that youthful sparkle in your eyes.

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Lip Lines / Lip Flip

$11/unit (4-8 units)

Soften and smooth your smile by reducing lip lines with Botox and Dysport. Botox for Lip Lines is a fast and effective way of treating lip lines. We can also give you a Lip Flip by injecting Botox/Dysport into the lip line for a flipped up lip.

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Dimpled Chin

$11/unit (6-8 units)

Botox and Dysport are effective treatments that can produce a soft, youthful appearance on the chin. This will reduce any dimples or “orange peel” look to give you a refreshed and relaxed gaze.

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Platysma (Vertical Neck Cords)

$11/unit (8-12 units)

The platysma muscles are the vertical bands that run down your neck, which become more visible when you clench your jaw. This condition can be significantly improved with our Scottsdale Botox / Dysport treatments – also known as the Nefertiti Neck Lift – that reduces wrinkles and smooths out the contours of the neck. While results may show immediately after treatment, it may take a few weeks for its full effect to appear in all its glory!

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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

$11/unit (40-100 units)

Botox and Dysport offer a lasting solution to excessive sweating. With these treatments, you can stop excessive sweating in areas such as your palms, feet soles, and underarms.

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Face slimming

$11/unit (30-60 units)

Do you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth? Botox and Dysport can be used to relax the masseter muscle, resulting in enhanced TMJ symptoms as well as a slimmed face with larger doses. It’s one of the most efficient methods to get that sweet heart-shaped look!

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Have something else in mind? There are many ways our Scottsdale Botox and Dysport services can be used. At Esthetic Finesse, we provide a one-on-one, personalized environment to help you achieve your desired look and love your results!

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What is Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are a form of injectable neurotoxin treatments that helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily paralyzing the small facial muscles, preventing them from contracting. At Esthetic Finesse in Phoenix, Arizona, we use only state-of-the-art injections to help you achieve a younger and natural-looking complexion.

What are the differences between Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport essentially do the same thing, but they have a few differences. Dysport is a smaller molecule that binds into the muscle quicker giving results in just a few days where Botox can take up to 2 weeks to show results.

How does Botox or Dysport work?

Botox and Dysport work by blocking the nerve signals to certain facial muscles, preventing them from over-contracting. This helps to relax wrinkles and fine lines that form on the forehead, around the eyes, mouth, and chin. With regular treatments, you can maintain a youthful look for years to come.

How long does it take to see results?

You can typically start to see the effects of Botox and Dysport within a few days depending on your treatment. The best results usually appear after 2 weeks, but results will vary depending on your individual features. After 3-4 months, you may need another treatment in order to maintain your youthful look.

What are the benefits of Botox and Dysport?

The benefits of using our treatments include improved skin tone, reduced wrinkle appearance, enhanced facial contours, and smooth skin texture for a more youthful appearance. Botox and Dysport are much less invasive than surgery and can be used to treat various facial features. In addition, these treatments have both immediate and long-term results. A few days after your treatment, you may see a noticeable improvement in your skin’s texture and tone, as well as fewer wrinkles. Also, when receiving these treatments regularly you are preventing lines from forming and depending.

How long does Botox and Dysport last?

In general, most people will experience results for 3 – 4 months; however individual results can vary depending on the patient’s lifestyle habits. Schedule an appointment with us today so you can experience the best Botox in Phoenix!

What are the pre-treatment instructions?

We recommend avoidance of: Anti-inflammatory (such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, etc.) and aspirin one week before treatment, to reduce possible side effects of bruising/swelling in the areas of treatment. Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Flax Seed Oil taken daily can contribute to bruising.

What are the post-treatment instructions?

Do not rub or massage the treatment sites for at least three hours after your procedure.

Do not work out or engage in physical activity for 24 hours.

Do not lay down for three hours after treatment.


Not all patients will respond to the treatment and not all patients will have full relaxation. In some cases, it is only a partial relaxing of the muscle and not full relaxation.

The benefits may last 2-6 months. A touch-up may be necessary in 2 weeks.

Please inform the medical staff if resolution of lines has not taken effect after the 10th day.

A fee of our standard per unit rate MAY be charged if an additional amount of Botulinum Toxin Type A Cosmetic is needed after the first injection.